You are your own healer

You are your own healer. You must ”feel” in order to “heal”. We often times are unable to deal with the emotions of tragic and traumatic events in our lives and therefore we push them down and refuse to “feel” them… we run away from them and even try to mask them with addictions. The problem is that until you “feel” them and deal with them, they are still within you and will effect you in your day to day life. They are often even the cause of subconscious beliefs, blocks and behaviors. Most of us go through life carrying emotional baggage from early childhood that causes an undesirable domino effect of one traumatic event after another that never seems to end. Because everything is energy… your thoughts are energy, your feelings are energy… and yes, the stored emotions are energy that emit an energetic frequency. The frequency you emit is a magnetic force that propels people and experiences on the same frequency into your life. These negative stored emotions ARE the root cause of all of your life’s biggest heartaches and until you decide to face them head on, they will continue to wreck havoc in your life.

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