What is the BIG deal about Reiki?

As most of you are aware, we are energy. We are not a physical body. We are energy that is being contained in a body. The body is mortal, the energy is immortal for energy cannot be created or destroyed. Everything that surrounds us is made up of energy of some kind or another.

All energy has a vibration. This vibration of energy has an effect on other energies that it comes into contact with. Imagine playing loud music on a speaker and holding the speaker next to water. The vibration from the sound coming from the speaker will cause there to be ripples in the water. The sound coming from the speaker has a stronger vibration than the energy of the water therefore it has an effect on it which is the ripples.

Our thoughts and our feelings are energy. Good thoughts/feelings cause high vibrations and bad thoughts/feelings cause lower vibrations. So as you can see, what goes on in our head is extremely important to our health, the quality of our life and to our vibration. Negative thoughts and feelings have an impact on the amount of energy that we are able to bring into our bodies.

When a person's vibration is high, they are in an optimal state of being: mind, body and soul. They are healthy, happy, at peace, full of energy and vitality. Just like the sound from the speaker having an effect on the water, when your vibration is higher, you are able to have a greater positive influence on those around you. When a person's vibration is low, the opposite is true. They are sickly, tired, cranky, full of anxiety, ect. If this is not enough reason to want your vibration to be the highest possible, there is another good reason. The Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is the belief that we attract what we radiate and that things within our universe (thoughts, feelings, people and objects) have a tendency to migrate toward other things that are the same. It is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. The Law of Attraction is actually based on quantum physics. Quantum physics, manifestation, spirituality and success or lack of success are all connected.

The good things in life all have a higher vibration. The only way for you to be able to access them and bring them into your life is by raising your vibration so that it mirrors that higher vibration. Think about a bookcase. The best things in life are on the top shelf. If you don't raise yourself up higher, you will not be able to reach them. YOU MUST GUARD YOUR ENERGY! If you take care of your energy, it will take care of you - mind, body and soul.

There are 10 things that weaken our energy and our vibration:

  1. Too much alcohol

  2. Poor diet

  3. Lack of exercise

  4. Drugs

  5. Tobacco

  6. Negative habits

  7. Stress

  8. Poor breathing

  9. Lack of sleep/rest

  10. Negative Psychic energy

Two feelings that have a positive impact on our vibration:

  1. Gratitude - No matter how bad things are, take the time every day to remember the things that you are grateful for. Everyone has something to be grateful for. Allowing yourself to feel gratitude for the blessings in your life will not only increase your vibration, but it will draw more good things into your life.

  2. Love - The feeling of love is very strong and causes a high vibration like no other. Close your eyes and think of someone that you love and allow yourself to feel that love. Love heals everything.

There is a non-physical, ubiquitous energy that gives life to every living organism. We carry this energy in and around our bodies from the moment of conception. In Japan, they call it Ki (Reiki); In China, they call it Chi; In Asia, they call it Prana; In the western world, they call it Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost. This energy is the very essence of the soul and it leaves the body when a person dies.

Reiki, Tai Chi, Meditation, Feng Shui, Yoga and acupuncture have been developed to control and greatly enhance the flow of this energy in and around the body. The energy itself is pure and it has omniscient wisdom.

Reiki is the gift of vitality and self preservation encoded into the genetic make up of all God's creatures. It's the higher self connection to the universal energy that breathes life into all living things. It is a gift from God. Reiki is a form of hands on healing with its origins in India and the East dating back thousands of yeas to the time before Christ and Buddha. It was lost due to the traditional method of passing knowledge from generation to generation was word of mouth. It was rediscovered by Japanese scholar and monk, Dr. Mika Ushi, who fashioned the name, "Reiki". Rei means universal, omnipresent, spiritual consciousness and Ki means life force, nonphysical vitality that gives life to all living things. The Reiki practitioner doesn't possess a special talent and is not "healing" anyone. The practitioner is merely a channel for this precious, healing energy.

When the mind, body and soul are in harmony, the biological intelligence that governs the body's resources and allows it to heal itself and function correctly are intensified. Reiki is the key that unlocks the body's optimum capabilities.

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